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Why Should You Sell Your Business On BuySellBusiness?

  • You list your business on the BuySellBusiness platform.
  • You deal with the buyer through a facilitator appointed by BuySellBusiness.
  • You select all your Professional service providers such as Accountant, Attorney, Appraisal company, Bank/Financing company, Environmental company, and Title company.
  • You pay a low sales commission when selling on BuySellBusiness yourself without a broker or middleman.
  • You negotiate directly with the Buyer.
  • Your business listing gets nationwide interest from the business buyers.
  • The facilitator of BuySellBusiness will help in closing the sale between the buyers and the sellers.
  • Option to do the closing online on the BuySellBusiness platform.

Differentiating features of the BuySellBusiness:

  • All selling functions can be done online.
  • Sellers pay only 1% commission to BuySellBusiness.
  • Sellers can get templates of many forms to use in selling the Business.
  • Get monthly traffic reports about the listing of your Business.
  • Easy to use and navigate platform.

Buyers and Sellers Reviews

A. Patel

NJ – Hotel Business

"I was looking for a hotel business in NJ for a long time. I was able to find a Hotel for sale on BuySellBusiness online. I showed my interest in buying this hotel online. Soon I was negotiating with the Seller on the BuySellBusiness platform with the help of a Facilitator of BuySellBusiness. Finally, I did the closing of buying the hotel online. The whole process was simple and smooth."

H. Singh

CA – Gas Station with Convenience Store

"Our group found a great profitable Gas Station business with a convenience store on BuySellBusiness online. Right from the beginning, we could see all financial statements of the business for sale after we uploaded our letter of intent to purchase the business and PFS of all buyers. This helped us in moving quickly and finishing the purchase online on the BuySellBusiness platform."

A. Dingle

PA – Home Care Business

"I can say that BuySellBusiness online is a great platform for finding and buying a business. I was able to find the most suitable business in Home Care. I negotiated and completed the closing right online on BuySellBusiness. This site has many buying and closing tools as templates that I could take and modify for my buying of the Home Care business."